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MAY 25-26, 2023

It is with my greatest pleasure that I welcome back the Post-graduate Symposium in Biomedicine to iBiMED. This symposium is a very important event of iBiMED's research program, concealing team building activities, open discussions, and the latest technical research advancements. This year, the symposium is organized by our newly established PhD commission to strengthen a new vision of iBiMED centered on people. The symposium will be a forum for ideas and will provide multiple opportunities to improve our research culture, to correct aspects of our working habits and to learn important strategies of career development.


iBiMED's research program has been consolidated over the past years. The quality of our research is gradually increasing and making important contributions to the national and international recognition of our university's Health Sciences Program. Additionally, we are at the forefront of sustainable research equally supporting the societal relevance of biomedical investigation. Being part of the new Academic Clinical Centre, a virtuous partnership with our associated members, namely the Aveiro (CHBV), Sta Maria da Feira (CHEDV), Gaia/Espinho (CHVNG/E) hospitals and several Health Centres of the Aveiro and Aveiro-Northern regions, will allow us to endeavour better working conditions, biomedical research infrastructures and the implementation of new programs on clinical and translational research, thriving new job opportunities to young researchers.


As the newly appointed coordinator of iBiMED, I'm enthusiastic and deeply grateful to be part of this team. I recognize the organizing committee of the 2023 Post-graduate Symposium for their hard work in preparing this important gathering, which will be of major importance for the FCT institutional evaluation taking place in late 2023. A special thank you to everyone involved and to the participants and wishes of a successful and productive post-graduate symposium. Finally, “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, let's together, design a brilliant future for iBiMED.


Bruno Bernardes de Jesus

Coordinator of iBiMED

From Fundamental Research to Clinical Practice

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